Oracle Recruiting Cloud: 20C Update

Oracle Recruiting Cloud: 20C Update

Redwood is a new user experience design which will be
featured as part of the 20C update on Oracle Fusion Applications. The new
aesthetic is designed to humanise the feel of technology and appear to be more
inviting, warm and global. Redwood bridges the gap between design and
functionality to serve as one for an engaging and dynamic user experience.

The latest 20C update, which will be rolled out from
August 2020, is another packed upgrade for recruiters and candidates. Oracle
Recruiting Cloud is ensuring that functionality and user experience remains at
the forefront of development and release.

Key Enhancements for your Recruiting Cloud 20C:

Flexfields in Extra Info Tab

The extra information
tab in the candidate application screen will split into two sections to capture
candidate extra information and extra internal information. Internal flexfields
are not visible to the candidate and can be used to gather and collate
information regarding the selection process and hire of the right candidate.
The candidate extra info area will show any extra information gathered from the
candidate in the application process.

Application Flexfields in Extra Info Tab

can be added to the job application allowing candidates to provide more
information, above and beyond what has been available in previous releases.
This will allow candidates to answer the questions first time in order for
recruiters to make the right decision on the right hire. Recruiters can now capture
internal extra information against the application such as assessments or

Interviews – Multiple Seats per Interview Slot

will be able to schedule interview slots with more than one seat available. This
will allow companies and organisations that use assessment centres or
assessment appointments to self-serve, while taking full opportunity of the
Office 365 integration. Recruiters can invite multiple candidates with a push
of a button, spending more time adding value to hiring talent rather than
managing administrative tasks. 

Prospect Candidate Process

candidate are referred or added to requisitions there is now the option to skip
the prospect status which currently asks the candidate to apply to the role.
This enhancement means that recruiters can effectively manage candidate pools
and move candidates between requisitions to the fit of talent without making
the candidate carry out unnecessary and drawn out actions.

Offer Approval Rules based on Flexfields

flexfields can now be used to configure the approval process. This will allow
the approval process to be driven by business need which may not always align
to the work structure or hierarchy. Recruiting administrators can ensure that
approvals are dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that the offer is approved
– ready to capture talent and start the onboarding!

Offer Reasons

will be able to provide feedback and comments when declining an offer. This will
help recruiters understand the reasons why talent is lost at such an advanced
point in the recruitment process and possibly make a counter offer to retain
the candidate.

of Mandatory Fields in Application Flows

will have greater flexibility over the profile content section fields within
application forms. Being able to configure which fields are mandatory and which
are not is another step to improve and enhance the candidate experience.

Capture Candidate
Data Using Multiple Content Sections

Recruiting Cloud will be able to capture multiple content sections in one
application form. This enhancement makes the process of screening and reading
applications much easier by allowing candidates to fill information into
sections that are designed and configured into the application for the correct