After a Different Type of Database?

Oracle PaaS is not restricted to Oracle’s market leading RDBMS software. Are you interested in the world’s most popular open source database software?

Take a look at MySQL Enterprise Edition as it delivers security, performance and a bundle of automated management tools to help simplify your administrative tasks enabling fast and easy provisioning of a database with only a few clicks.

Or are you looking at implementing a NoSQL database that is fast, secure, scalable and offers all of the API’s that your developers could ask for including C, Java, Python then we have the answer with Oracle’s NoSQL database that comes with built-in high availability and automated backups. If your data needs are bigger than this then let us introduce you to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service built with managed Apache Hadoop clusters, offering cost effective, high-performance environments that are scalable as and when you need it to ensure that you are able to analyse and store ALL of your business data.

Likewise, if the choice is running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure then you have the option of Infrastructure as a Service which is a set of complementary cloud services that enable you to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a highly-available hosted environment for your Oracle E-Business Suite application tier and, optionally, your database tier. Or Infrastructure as a Service + Platform as a Service which offers the opportunity to fully integrate a combination of Oracle and open source technologies to build, deploy, migrate, and manage a variety of different application workloads in the cloud.